Providers of IT Connectivity Solutions

About CCI

CCI Technology Solutions is an established independent IT convergence company that specialises in the delivery of IT services.

Our core business includes the supply and installation of Data and Voice Cabling, Wireless, Environmental Monitoring and sustainable turnkey Power Solutions.

CCI is a communications enabler that uses cutting edge technology to provide premium services including physical cabling and wireless connectivity, as well as value-added products and services.

There are specialized divisions within CCI providing clients a convenient yet reliable one-stop shop experience, complete with effective solutions to suit their business requirements.

  • Cabling
  • Networks
  • Wireless
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Turnkey Electrical and Power Solutions

Our Services

CCI is a communications enabler that uses cutting edge technology to provide premium services such as Cabling, Data Center and Comms Rooms Builds, Networks, Wireless, Power


With 28 years of experience, we have an exceptional level of expertise in providing reticulation for cabling solutions. CCI incorporates the best of breed cabling solutions as part of our product offering.


CCI specializes in formulating effective ways to deliver faster services enabling increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.


CCI is an Electrical Contractor registered with both the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and the ECB (Electrical Contractors Board). Most data and voice installations require the provision of power as well. CCI alleviates the need to employ an additional contractor to install power thus removing the need to co-ordinate two contractors at the same time.

Data Center and Comms Rooms Builds

Data/Network Centres are specialised environments specifically designed to house and protect high value and strategically important Information Technology related equipment and systems. CCI’s expertise and experience in setting up the infrastructure for these rooms is unsurpassed.


Wireless communication brings fundamental changes to data networking and telecommunications, and makes integrated networks a reality. CCI has taken cognisance of this and has positioned itself to be in the forefront technically in the provision of this fast evolving technology.