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Black Empowerment

CCI is committed to upliftment and empowerment in the IT industry and becoming the business partner of choice to Government organs, public companies and private enterprises that wish to promote the transformation of South African business and society.

Whilst transformation of the organisation is constantly evolving, CCI is very proud of its attainments to date, not just as regards pure numbers and percentages of PDI staff, but more importantly in terms of conferring real decision-making and supervisory power to PDIs, developing top-drawer technical skills and, where feasible, reaching beyond the bounds of organisation into the community.

These are some of the achievements to date:

  • Of the total workforce of over 50, today fully 70% are PDI’s, compared to 45% in 1994. 
  • Over 75% of current middle managers are PDIs, compared to about 40% in 1994. 
  • At production level, some 99% are PDIs, vs just over 80% five years ago. 
  • The profile of upper management has evolved dramatically. In 1994 there were no PDI's in top decision-making posts. Today 40% of senior executives are PDI's.

As a result of its successful transformation policies, CCI has achieved a BBBEE Level 4 Status.