Providers of IT Connectivity Solutions


CCI specializes in formulating effective ways to deliver faster services enabling increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Our internetworking solutions focus on Network Layers 2 (Data Link), 3 (Network), and 4 (Transport) on the OSI (Open Standards Interface) model. Our network infrastructure systems are capable of carrying applications such as multimedia, video, telephony and web services, including extranets, Intranets and e-commerce.

Our solutions incorporate a multitude of services, such as security management (created by V-LANs and firewalls), WAN/MAN/LAN solutions such as voice switching and routing, data switching and routing, and multimedia products. Based on worldwide standards, our internetworking solutions are manageable, flexible and robust. We implement the best of breed products provided by our solutions partners, and combine them with our exceptional service levels, to ensure the customer complete peace of mind. Ensuring that we understand the solution from a business perspective results in the implementation of a network that is scaleable yet cost effective. This policy makes sure that the networks we install are upgrade-able to, and compatible with, current and emerging technologies.

CCI places an equal amount of importance on the infrastructure and the network integration. Proposing and using network management tools, and reticulation management tools from the leaders in the industry. We are continually monitoring the advances and convergence of the various technologies, and ensuring that we are positioned to implement and maintain the latest in data, security, voice and video networks.

CCI specialize in the following manufacturers:

 Juniper - Select PartnerCisco - Select Partner