Providers of IT Connectivity Solutions


Wireless communication brings fundamental changes to data networking and telecommunications, and makes integrated networks a reality. CCI has taken cognisance of this and has positioned itself to be in the forefront technically in the provision of this fast evolving technology. With the cost of ownership as well as some of the legacy problems with respect to speed and security becoming a thing of the past companies are seriously looking at this technology to alleviate the hassle of worrying about the traditional wired networks that constrain them today.

CCI will survey, quote and install a Wireless Network at your premises in a fraction of the time a traditional cable installation would take.We specialise in installations of:

  • 802.11agn
  • Building to Building Links

CCI also specialise in the provision of Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Using our specialised technology we allow the Hot Spot owner to install a system that enables his clients to access the Internet with ease. Our systems provide a versatile system where the Hot Spot owner can offer various billing options ranging from Credit Card transactions to pre-paid vouchers.

CCI’s core competencies are in the following product sets: