About CCI

How CCI Began

CCI was founded in Cape Town in 1986, at a time when the development of LANs began to have an impact on commerce in South Africa.
The growing interest and increased demand prompted Gerald Lea and Steve Pinkney to start a company that specialised in data cabling
and connectivity.

Since then, CCI has developed into a respected and reputable company that provides cabling infrastructure, wireless networks, and power solutions. CCI has successfully established itself as an industry expert, providing the cornerstone of modern organisations’ communications platforms.

Over 32 Years of Industry Experience

To ensure sustainable success, CCI has secured the services of experts in each of their specialist divisions and can, therefore, offer a full-service convergence solution.

CCI employs experienced and highly skilled technicians and sales professionals who are equipped and receptive to the rapidly evolving technologies endemic to the IT industry.


This corporate culture and focus on service excellence have been the catalyst for CCI’s rapid growth and its pre-eminence in the data cabling industry.

National Representation

CCI has offices in Cape Town and Gauteng, with representatives in Durban, Bloemfontein, and Port Elizabeth – allowing us to effectively service clients nationally.

CCI has offices in Cape Town & Gauteng, with representatives in Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.  We can assist with custom solutions for any communication need.