Data Cabling Companies in Cape Town

Compromise on the Data Cabling and Risk Dropping Out of the Race


Think of the humble network cable and it is hard to imagine that the simplest component of the network is also the most essential. It doesn’t matter that your company has state-of-the-art phone systems and the latest tech gadgets; without adequate structured data cabling, the voice and data technologies on your computer systems are deadwood. If you have a data centre or call centre, it becomes even more essential to have an effective and functional structured data cabling layout, error-free installation, and optimal operation.

Of course, it should not be a concern, since various data-cabling companies in Cape Town provide so-called data-cabling services. However, do you really want to entrust the cabling to just any “data cabling” company in Cape Town? Sure, they might be able to perform, but when it comes to solutions that are current and can grow with your firm to ensure your communication needs are met, it is best to go with a company that has proven its expertise and commitment to service delivery.

Let’s explain further. Data cabling must be done correctly and cost effectively. Time is of the essence and mistakes cause delays. Experienced technicians who understand the importance of proper planning avoid such mistakes and can work on tight schedules. That is where we come in. As one of the best-established data-cabling companies in Cape Town, we have the experience to avoid known pitfalls. This means your company saves money, benefits from 100% uptime in communication, and has the ability to fully integrate data, voice and Fibre Optic communications without bottlenecks.

The Data-Cabling Mistake That Is Deadly for Your Business

Not planning the installation can cause the project to fail even before the first cable is installed and connected. Improper cabling can severely limit your ability to protect information assets, communicate, and maximise the potential of digital technology. It is thus essential that the data-cabling company considers your future needs. Technology evolves very fast. Think of Cat6, fibre, and more. The right cable spec must be selected. You want a high-specification cable, as it will mean that you will be able to do more, and it will not become outdated overnight. What it comes down to is that you should choose one of the data-cabling companies in Cape Town able to provide and install the type of structured cabling needed to ensure your data and communication needs can still be met five years from now.

Whom to Use

You don’t need to search any further or be concerned about the countless data-cabling mistakes to avoid, since we are one of the companies in Cape Town that has an exemplary record of excellence. We know which mistakes to avoid, how to ensure best performance, and which technologies will be relevant, years down the line. Our technicians understand the importance of proper testing, using innovative technology, and meeting client expectations regarding superb service delivery. With clients including the likes of Clicks and other well-known brands, we have proven our credibility.

Don’t compromise on your firm’s data flow and communication. Call in our experts to assess and meet your data cabling needs in Cape Town