Network Cabling Solutions

How to Use Structured Cabling to Improve Network Performance


Structured cabling is the glue that holds together the network. Think of it as the plumbing of your communication and data infrastructure. Now, considering how important structured cabling is, you can agree that you need the best solutions available to ensure your data flow doesn’t become slow because of a network bottleneck.

Put another way, it is the infrastructure that support’s your network’s performance. It connects the phones, computers, servers, printers, and other networked devices. Instead of computers running on one network, phones on another and so on, everything is connected. This means you can maximise efficiency thanks to properly structured cabling. We’ll explore two benefits of advanced structured cabling, giving you an indication of how you will benefit from making use of our innovative structured cabling and network-cabling solutions.

Higher Bandwidth

Have you ever driven on a narrow road with relatively little traffic and then had to significantly reduce speed because of a slow-moving truck taking up almost the entire road? Being stuck behind a slow truck can be extremely frustrating. That is exactly what happens in your business if your structured cable solution doesn’t cater for all types of traffic. It must be an information highway with five lines to both sides to minimise the risk of data flow and communication bottlenecks in the network. You cannot build a one-lane road in today’s digital economy and that is why you need the best of the best network-cabling and structure solutions, as available from us. You want adaptable and scalable IT solutions.

The solution must be relevant, even years down the line. Your company should not stagnate. If you are serious about staying in the lead, you need to improve communication and data flow as better technologies becomes available. As such, you need network-cabling solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily to meet new demands. With proper structured data cabling as available from us, you will not have sleepless nights about falling behind your rivals. Your infrastructure will support new applications and will scale with your business, ensuring the best use of your network.

Organised Cabling Means Simplification

You want infrastructure that will allow all your employees to use every device on the network at the same time. To allow this, you need an organised network setup supported by a healthy and functional cabling infrastructure. We can provide this and the network-cabling solutions to fit your pocket and your current and future needs.

Build a solid foundation to optimise the use of communication and data technology. Get in touch for more information about our innovative and cost-effective structured cabling and network cabling solutions.