Turnkey Electrical Solutions

Turnkey Electrical Solutions to Keep Your Data Centres Up and Running


We’re a far cry from the futuristic societies depicted in sci-fi movies. Solar power is in its infancy and South Africa doesn’t have the means to solve all electricity supply problems within a year or two. To be fair, a growing economy means more pressure on the electricity supply. However, it also means the risk of power interruptions and there isn’t a company in South Africa that hasn’t been affected by power interruptions. Until we reach the utopia of uninterrupted power supply, there will be a need for UPS technology and backup generators.

Why The Above Is Relevant to Your Firm

Just about every data and voice installation requires electricity supply, whether it is for a desktop or for large data servers. The network is dead if there is no power. Having the same company that installed your network, structured cable, data centre or backup generator also provide installation expertise for uninterruptible power supply means time and cost savings.

Since businesses must make money and power interruptions hinder this, it makes sense to use the same reliable network solutions provider that successfully installed your structured cabling, to install your backup generator and UPS Solution. Here is why we should be the first company you call when you need a UPS, backup generator installation for your data centre, or a company that can handle the reticulation and infrastructure setup for your network’s power supply:

  • CCI Technology Solutions offers turnkey electrical solutions.
  • We are a registered electrical contractor with the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Contracting Board.
  • Our turnkey electrical solutions eliminate the need to coordinate two separate contractors.


True, many electrical contractors are registered with the above bodies and can claim to provide service excellence, but how many can handle all your data cabling and connectivity needs? Do they have extensive experience with LAN networks? We started out in the eighties when high-speed Internet was still a dream and LANs were new. We thus understand everything from the most basic to the most advanced networking and power-supply needs.

How many suppliers of turnkey electrical solutions can claim to also provide expertise in the building of data centres and infrastructure for them? We understand your network, data-infrastructure, and power-supply needs, because we work with these every day and have kept up to date with fast-changing technologies. Our clients range from small to large multinational companies and we have the turnkey electrical solutions for each of their power-supply needs.

Get in touch to discuss your company’s electrical solution needs and experience why and how you save by making use of our professional services.