Wireless Installations for Business

Avoid Critical Wireless Design and Installation Mistakes


Wireless installations for business were once reserved for big businesses only. Price dictated that smaller companies could not afford such luxuries. As with all things technology, “Wi-Fi” became a household word and wireless installations for business became the new point of entry for many small IT support companies. We have been around the block a few of times, seeing that our company saw the start of local area networks (LAN) in South African commerce back in the eighties. As such, we have developed our services to suit the technology of the time and still being one of the forerunners in the industry today attests to our commitment to stay abreast of innovative technologies. With over 32 years’ experience in the IT, data cabling, connectivity, and wireless industry, you can trust us to help you avoid these mistakes when it comes to wireless design and installations for business:


  • Focussing on Just One Aspect. Though ample bandwidth and enough access points are important when it comes to wireless installations for businesses, wireless is about synergy. You cannot simply add more access points or swap the old for new ones in the hope to improve performance. Instead, recognise that it is about various components coming together and working as a coherent whole to offer the best performance, much like a business’s production and service delivery also go hand in hand. The system must always be in balance. Think of wireless installations for business as the installations of systems. The wired and the non-wired infrastructures work as one for optimal performance. If there is a problem with performance, any of the parts can be to blame. Consider the complete component stack.


  • Poor Planning. By now, you must be tired of hearing how important planning is for every aspect of your business. What happened to just going with the flow? Well, letting your wireless network sprawl in an uncontrolled manner is courting disaster; sooner or later, it will end up being impossible to untangle. This will lead to a network that functions poorly and nobody having the faintest notion where to start to fix it. When we talk about planning the wireless design and installation for your business, what we are saying is that you need to consider the devices and applications that will be using the wireless system. Consider the different types of devices and how many such devices must connect. Also, consider how each is used.


Failure to consider these factors and to design the wireless installation accordingly leads to a drop in performance and sometimes a complete loss of connection. It is thus a recipe for a disaster. Coverage, device type, and application density are some of the factors our experienced technicians consider. We create intuitive WLAN designs to ensure that mission-critical applications are prioritised. Why is it important?  Because some parts of the system are more demanding than other parts. You can expect more end-users on the system for particular applications and at specific times. Our design experts ensure that the system functions optimally, because we know how to plan for performance. Your part in it all is to set up the proper policies to make sure the important devices and applications always receive priority over the peripheral ones. For your effort, you reap the rewards of higher productivity and an overall experience for the end-users.

We are accredited to install the following wireless solutions for business:

  • HP/Aruba Networks
  • Cisco Networks
  • Ubiquiti Networks
  • XIRRUS Wi-Fi Networks
  • Radwin – point-to-point and multipoint bridge links
  • Everest Networks – high-density deployments


Give us a call to discuss your business’s wireless installation needs. Whether you have a restaurant, mega mall, office park, or a multi-storey skyscraper, we make it happen.