CCI Client Communication – Covid-19

Dear Client,

In light of the developments around the spread and potential impact of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) as well as heeding the directives and advice recently announced by President Ramaphosa – CCI as a responsible business entity operating nationally across Southern Africa, we would like to give you the assurances that all precautions, preventative measures and appropriate health practices are being implemented across our operations and offices.

To ensure that we continue to provide services without disruption, and protect the health, safety of all our customers, employees and business partners, we have instituted the following practices and policies with immediate effect:

  • We have prioritised health and safety issues with attention towards responsible hygiene practices in the workplace and across our operational facilities.
  • Whilst maintaining the continuity of our operations and services, we will follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and international best practice guidelines in raising awareness of COVID-19 to minimise the potential risk of infection.
  • We have set down specific conditions in terms of business travel, especially to known destinations where COVID-19 has been identified.
  • We are also encouraging all our staff, customers, suppliers and others to make greater use of remote tools and virtual meetings to reduce the necessity to travel and personal contact.
  • CCI Technical Staff and Installers have been thoroughly briefed in all aspects of our agreed protocols and are totally conversant with our Policies and Guidelines in dealing with this situation.

All our facilities have been provided with guidelines, protocols, equipment and hygiene supplies to prevent any potential risk to COVID-19. All our Personnel have been instructed, and mandated under Company Policy, to consult their medical physician or the COVID-19 Hotline immediately if they feel ill or experience any of the know COVID-19 symptoms. They may not return to work until they have been cleared. This implies that onsite dedicated technical staff and Installers will not report to site if they are not feeling well or experience any symptoms.

Our Service and Support Desk, Business Management and Administration, and related capabilities are remotely manageable and operational via secure remote access, where required, for our authorised personnel.

CCI uses Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs to run our operations that are highly available platforms that are all remotely accessible from both a service access and remote administration perspective. We will be driving for online meetings to limit face to face contact as far as possible, and recommend that our clients leverage these technologies, and a similar approach to limit the risk of exposure when interacting with us as far as possible.

CCI have fully functional Video Conferencing facilities in our offices in Cape Town and Gauteng which are optimized to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom Video Conferencing systems to limit physical meetings with clients and suppliers!

For any assistance in this regard please contact your designated Account Manager or our generic Contact Email Address:
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting our offices:
National Contact Number: (South Africa) 086 0999 CCI

We thank you for your support in these trying times as we contend with risks and challenges that COVID-19 may present.

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