Data Center Infrastructure Management & Remote Monitoring

The purpose of the data centre is to drive business services and applications to the company end-user population. Capacity and utilisation metrics are vital for proactive planning and budgeting, and for the procurement of equipment to manage the data centre.

Real-time information from the facility and IT devices in your data centres, MDF, IDF, remote closet, or other sites should be collected and analysed to aggregate and consolidate power, energy, cost, environmental, and other key data sets to a common management platform.

With the iCE365 Visual Control Centre, all this is possible. Real-time monitoring, management, and availability of critical information at the press of a button.

This includes:

  • Power monitoring
  • Data centre environment, i.e. temperature, humidity, access, and heat displacement
  • Visual security through IP camera monitoring
  • Asset management
  • 3D rendering of locations
  • Capacity planning
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Change management

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