There is always a Target.

Whether it be personal or business, sales targets or project delivery, new strategies or servicing changing markets. There is and will always be Targets to meet.

Moreover, there is always the stress that goes with it. However, there is nothing so good as achieving the said targets with a highly motivated team. A team inspired by the real “Together We Achieve More” reality. Teams are very much defined by what keeps them together, and one of these elements is the Shared Values. The “Food” that fuels the “Fire” of inspiration and motivation.

We know, that in our market, there will be boulders, thrown in the way of the team’s effort and road to success, but it is these Values that gives this team wings to overcome the “little” challenges and creates a committed Business Developing Team, Operations Team, Technical Team and the Powerhouse in the background – our Administrators. From cable termination to payment in the bank to salary earned.

Teams, the real ones, know that Values is what makes them the stronger partner, the preferred partner to the demanding client and market expectations. These teams do not have time to accommodate legacy thinking, complacency (which by the way is the death of any company), procrastination and an attitude of “someone else will get this done.”

Life in all its fullness is in essence CHANGE. We experience this change daily. To fight against it is to try and hit a dent in the wind. Companies know that the times demand change. TEAMS that never miss the Target knows that times change. Therefore require changes. Solutions of yesterday seem inadequate and irrelevant today. The victorious team, the ones that consistently hit the target, have embraced change and never leaves success to chance.

CCI Technology Solutions (PTY) Ltd, a company with many years’ experience, have proven that targets do not have to be missed. With the combined skills of a Leadership Team and Staff to compliment the ever growing expectation of the client and market demand for cutting-edge technology, this is the TEAM I want to be part of. This is the team that I want to share Values with.

The Team that never miss the Target is open to change, open to new strategies, we listen to each other, we respect individuals with opinions, we embrace our differences, and we place the client on the thrown.

CCI Technology Solutions (PTY) Ltd, the TEAM that never miss the Target, is the team we are proud to present to the market and would you have a requirement, a demand for more than just another cable terminated, another network point against the wall, we are here to offer you a place in our success story. The choice is yours. Make your requirement and demand our Target. We won’t miss.

Deon M van Heerden
Regional Manager – CCI Gauteng.