Today’s modern data centre solutions have evolved apace with technology, moving away from the old “server room” located under the stairwell! More intelligent and with greater capacity than ever before, data centres have not been eviscerated by the cloud, but rather forced to liaise with it, and display a level of interoperability that the old server room was never called on to provide. Not only technologically better, but data centre solutions also address the realities of potential damage as well as unauthorised access to your business core, by incorporating specialised building technologies and tight security too.

Great data centre solutions start with an advisory service that maps out the feasibility and location of your data centre. Scoping really becomes critical with data centres, as you’re going to build a very specialised space of certain dimensions, and that build will entail specialised materials and electronic security measures. “Oops I forgot…” is not a great input once construction is underway, but if you lean on the advisory service of data centre professionals like CCI Technology Solutions, you’ll be in good hands. Data centres really are specialised builds, and the factors they need to consider and accommodate are unlike any other build project. Moreover, while damage by fire or water is seldom an occurrence, it needs to be built into your data centre for safety’s sake too.

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Designing Your Data Centre

Of course, any truly professional advisory service on data centres will be able to dispense that wisdom because of their experience in design. Designing modern data centres factors in some pretty basic build requisites, as well as a string of nuanced considerations, based on the client’s individual business needs. One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to data centre solutions, although of course all data centres will share certain imperatives and features. If there’s an overarching imperative behind the modern data centre, it’s that it comes fairly future proof too. In other words, modern data centres need to be at the highest level of hi-tech, so that they’re not obsolete in a few years’ time. This is really where the advisory service shows its mettle, because the consultants’ experience in previous builds will let them pinpoint the best architecture and security for your particular data centre installation.

Of course, building the highest-tech data palace doesn’t count for much when it becomes a bundle of maintenance issues that drain productivity or finances, and a big part of data centre design is building a hi-tech environment that gets on with business with the minimum of fuss and hassles. While regular maintenance and monitoring is of course imperative, the aim in data centre solutions is to keep that minimal and simply elegant, making for an easy workload down the line. Data centre solutions should reduce your risk and minimise downtime as imperatives to their design, and the best are future-facing, allowing for both technological advancement as well as the growth of the business.

CCI Technology Makes Data Centres a Cinch

When you’re ready to re-evaluate or design a new data centre, come to CCI Technology Solutions for the smartest build. We’re data professionals, and what that means is that we deal with the details of data transfer, be that network cabling or data centre solutions that optimise your business. We’re the best balance of cutting-edge design and affordability-you get world-class solutions from us, at an affordable price.

Indeed, our cost-effectiveness is one of the principal reasons our clients rate us so highly, and no data centre implication goes unnoticed by us! We’ve helped so many centralised their data centre in a manner that makes for smart business and lower costs over the longer term. Call on us first when you want data centre solutions that put you ahead of the pack, and we’ll be happy to show you just what makes us special!

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