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Power solutions

In the world of data and voice installations, reliable electrical power is essential. Whether it’s powering your desktops, ensuring uninterrupted operation with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems, deploying backup generators, or harnessing sustainable solar energy to combat the South African Load Shedding phenomenon, CCI is your efficiency-driven solution provider.


We hold the distinction of being a registered electrical contractor with both the ECA (SA) (Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa) and the ECB (Electrical Contracting Board). This means you don’t have to juggle multiple contractors – we’ve got you covered.

Generator | Power the Future

Our comprehensive installations encompass:


Safeguard your operations with uninterrupted power supply.

Generators with AMF Panels:

Ensure seamless power backup with automated management.

Reticulation and Infrastructure: We lay the groundwork for reliable power distribution.

Solar Solutions:

Embrace sustainability with our solar power solutions. By harnessing the power of the sun, not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you also fortify your infrastructure against the challenges of South African Load Shedding.

In a country where electricity supply can be uncertain, our solar solutions provide a reliable source of power, mitigating the impact of load shedding and ensuring your operations stay powered when you need it most.

At CCI, we’re your one-stop destination for all your data and power needs. Experience efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and resilience, all under one roof.

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