Empowering your digital core:

Data centers

Data centers, the heart of modern businesses, are specialized spaces meticulously designed to safeguard and nurture critical IT infrastructure.

These centers house and protect the invaluable IT equipment and systems that drive your operations.

At CCI, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to the task of creating the ideal infrastructure for these vital rooms.

We understand the strategic importance of your data center and offer the assurance of excellence in design, setup, and maintenance.

Trust CCI to fortify your digital core, ensuring it operates at its peak efficiency while remaining secure and resilient.

We specialise in the provision of:

Specialized Network Racks

We provide customized network racks designed for efficient cable management and equipment access, suitable for various environments.

Power Solutions

Our offerings include Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and backup generators to ensure uninterrupted operations in case of power disruptions.


Our systems quickly detect and suppress fires, safeguarding equipment and data.


We offer robust access-control systems, including biometric and card-based options, for enhanced security.

Environmental monitoring

Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, and air quality maintains optimal conditions for equipment.


Our air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity to prevent overheating.

Raised flooring

Raised flooring solutions facilitate cable management and efficient airflow in data centers.

Wireways and Infrastructure

We provide cable management solutions to reduce clutter and simplify maintenance.

Reports and dashboards

Comprehensive reporting and dashboards offer real-time insights into infrastructure performance and health, enabling informed decision-making.


Data center environmental monitoring


Temperature Control

Continuous monitoring maintains optimal temperature levels to prevent equipment overheating.


Humidity Management

Monitoring systems regulate humidity to prevent equipment damage from static electricity buildup.


Air Quality Assurance

Contaminant detection and filtration ensure clean air for sensitive equipment.


Early Threat Detection

Monitoring identifies issues like HVAC system problems early, allowing preventive maintenance.


Energy Efficiency

Optimization of cooling systems reduces energy consumption and costs.


Real-time Alerts

Immediate alerts for environmental anomalies enable quick response to prevent disruptions.


Compliance and Reporting

Monitoring provides records for regulatory compliance and auditing.


Disaster Preparedness

Detection of smoke, fire, or leaks helps minimize damage during emergencies.

Data center infrastructure management & remote monitoring:

Optimizing data center performance

Data Centers are the engines that drive business services and applications to end-users. To ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it’s essential to have real-time insights into capacity, utilization, and the environment.

Power Monitoring

Track power consumption and optimize usage.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity, access, and heat distribution in your data center.

Visual Security

Enhance security with IP camera monitoring.

Asset Management

Keep tabs on your equipment and assets.

3D Rendering

Visualize locations in three dimensions for effective planning.

Capacity Planning

Plan for growth and optimize resource allocation.

Modelling and Simulation

Simulate changes to your infrastructure before implementation.

Change Management

Streamline and track changes in your data center.

With iCE365, you gain comprehensive control and insights into your data center, ensuring efficient operations, proactive planning, and cost-effective management, all at your fingertips.

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