Ever the underdog in tech class, cabling is currently enjoying some belated accolades much to the delight of Data Cabling Contractors. It’s fair to say that most tech fades with time. Very few technologies that represented a leap forward in ease of use at the time, are still around. The mouse comes to mind as a notable exception, but the vast majority of the end-user computer technology that made waves 30 years ago, has retreated into obscurity.

It’s therefore no small testament to computer cabling that it’s not just still around, but that cable is also still the default best solution for high performance. Wireless technologies have populated their own niche and, of course, they are a valuable contributing tech component of the modern office. Within the hybrid composition of today’s workplaces, however, cable is the crucial contributor to fast-paced and productive performance. That data cabling has also improved in manufacturing quality, while allowing previously unimaginable speed and performance, has contributed to cable retaining the crown.

Data Cabling Contractors

Professional Data Cabling Contractors Make All the Difference

Today’s computer cabling is sophisticated in its composition and performs at a level that was but theoretical not very long ago. Cabling has improved. It was always a solid solution, but it too – like so many other technologies – has kept up with modern connectivity demands. Its performance and essential nature in the modern office is beyond dispute. When it comes to data cabling contractors, it makes sense to choose a contractor that is suitably qualified, experienced, but also made a point of remaining current on the technology.

Modern data cabling and its components demand a modern understanding, both of the best application of and the needs of the client. It happens every day in every major South African city – data cabling is being installed that will be obsolete in two or three years. To some extent, this has to be laid at the door of the commissioning agent. In other words, clients may very well economise on their current installation, simply because they want to set it up at the lowest possible cost. This is understandable, but naive, as it represents a false economy.

Why Use CCI Technology Solutions as Your Data Cabling Contractor

Any company hoping to be around in the future had better be planning for it now, and cable installations are a perfect example of how that happens. Rather than access the greater extent of their initial data cabling installation, companies that skimp today are going to be paying for a wholesale installation, again, a few years down the line. Data cabling is to some extent a nod to the future. It, like so many other strategic inputs into company life, has to be looking forward, has to be optimistic about growth and future success, and it has to be able to support that future growth and success.

CCI Technology Solutions bring the best of forward-thinking to our clients, and that’s not all:

• We work with a “design brain” whenever we’re formulating an installation. That means we seek constantly to tweak installation design for cost savings, at no cost to performance for our clients. Our installations are smart, in every sense.
• We represent current best practice when it comes to the fraternity of data cabling contractors. We work smart, we work neatly, and we don’t compromise an installation by including substandard goods or quick fixes.
• Further to the last point above, we employ only the very best cable and components – any installation is only as good as its weakest link.

Choose CCI Technology Solutions as Your Preferred Data Cabling Contractor

More than tech-savvy and proud of our work, we’re also big on service at CCI Technology Solutions. When results count, call us to evaluate your data cabling needs, and be assured of a competitive price on the level best installation you could hope to experience. We’re prompt in response and professional in installation – call us when only the best will do!