We often take the structures that allow a business or organisation to operate for granted, especially when it comes to IT-related issues. The truth is, it requires much more than a mere Internet connection and plug points for an email to work, data to be shared, and documents to print without a hitch. You also have to take infrastructure, speed, security, and a myriad of other factors into account to ensure optimal performance. If you consider the investment required to set up a proper IT network – both in terms of money and time – and the significance of what is at stake, it simply makes sense to partner with the top networking specialists.

An Overview of the Function of Networking Specialists

Networking specialists are so much more than providers of IT support. They are the ones who enable and sustain an entire IT-communications environment. A simplified breakdown of the tasks looks like this:

Establish a Network Environment

While this step includes installation, it goes way beyond only the installation process. The workflow and demands of the business need to be analysed, the environment must be examined, and risks need to be identified. Then, taking all of this plus the budget into consideration, a system needs to be created that is sustainable, sufficient, and effective. This includes installation, configuration, and testing, considering factors related to network performance, including availability and latency, establishing all necessary connections and firewalls, and even defining the necessary policies related to the network maintenance and usage.

Network Maintenance

Once a network is established, it doesn’t simply continue to exist by itself. Maintenance is required to keep it functioning optimally and to help avoid detrimental downtime for the business. This requires networking specialists to monitor the system, analyse data, troubleshoot issues, and make adjustments where necessary to enhance performance.

Sufficient Security Measures

Managing the security of a network is a mammoth task and a very important one. It requires specialist knowledge to maintain a balance between the accessibility of a network and protecting it against online attacks. Data is the lifeline of many businesses, and a breach could bring a business to a standstill and result in serious losses. Furthermore, data security is regulated by law, and network security needs to meet certain standards to avoid legal complications in case of a breach.

Network Updates as and When Needed

You never wait to upgrade a network system only when it fails. As technology evolves, it is vital to upgrade as and when necessary to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the technology involved.

CCI Technology Solutions Are the Networking Specialists your Organisation Needs

We are an established, independent IT convergence company that has been around for more than three decades, and that specialises in the delivery of a range of IT services. Our team of highly skilled, expert networking specialists are equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving technologies that characterise the IT industry, ensuring that they are able to always deliver the most optimal solution to clients.

Our range of tailored services include:

  • Data, voice, and fibre optic cabling solutions
  • Cutting-edge wireless installations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • LAN network design and integration
  • The building of data centres and comms rooms
  • Sustainable turnkey electrical and power solutions

If your organisation needs the services of networking specialists, look no further than CCI Technology Solutions. We’ve partnered with some of the leading corporations in South Africa, including The Foschini Group, Old Mutual, and Distell, and have the capability to service clients countrywide. Feel free to contact us to discuss the IT needs of your business – we’re happy to help you find the solution that is ideal for you.