Technology evolves at breakneck speed, and it’s the responsibility of businesses and organisations to keep up in order to stay relevant and competitive. Globally, almost every single business nowadays is dependent on reliable connectivity in order to perform even the most basic everyday tasks and ensure that they meet the needs of their clients. From simple functionality such as email communication to more complex tasks such as data management and logistics management, connectivity is key. HPE Aruba offers an advanced yet user-friendly solution to these needs.

Traditionally, conventional wired networks have been considered by many as the more reliable and more powerful solution to their business needs. However, as technology has evolved, this is not the case anymore. Given the way the current work climate has changed recently, with more people opting to be mobile or work remotely, new and innovative wireless solutions such as HPE Aruba offer a number of advantages that can benefit business performance.

The Benefits of HPE Aruba

Some of the top reasons to adopt an HPE Aruba wireless network include:

Powerful, Enterprise-Class Performance

Developed and supported by one of the leading global tech companies, HPE Aruba wireless networks gives your business access to superfast wireless connectivity, combined with a full range of networking configuration to ensure that the service suits your infrastructure.


While the HPE Aruba wireless network is exceptionally capable of meeting the demands of large corporations, it is highly scalable and capable of providing a cost-effective and accessible solution to smaller teams of less than 100.

A Cost-Effect Alternative

Wireless networks provide a smart solution to organisations that want to avoid the complex infrastructure of physical networks, which requires extensive hardware installations, costly maintenance, and more physical space.

Increased Flexibility

A wireless network allows for more fluid movement of employees within the office or work environment. As we move away from a scenario where we only work at a dedicated, set workstation to more collaborative ways of working, a wireless network provides the flexibility to move around while also saving tech setup times for group meetings, presentations, or brainstorm sessions.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Improved network connectivity that facilitates seamless data transfers, coupled with a flexible and collaborative working environment and less setup time all add to a smoother and more efficient work environment. Improved efficiency also means an increase in productivity and fewer frustrations among employees. Additionally, happier employees, in turn, further add to improved efficiency and productivity.


Employees can be connected while on the move, meaning that they can respond faster and at places and times convenient to them. Wireless networks also eliminate the need for additional cables or adaptors that are typically required for office networks that are reliant on a traditional wired setup.

Reliable Security

Cybersecurity is a topic that should be taken very seriously, as a breach can be detrimental to both the reputation and the performance of an organisation. HPE Aruba provides enhanced security by automatically profiling each device connected to the network and applying pre-defined security configurations.

Competitive pricing

While you want the best for your organisation, cost implications do play a major role in decision making. With HPE Aruba, you can have the best of both worlds – the flexibility and superior performance of this wireless network ensure greater affordability and cost-efficiency compared to leading competitors.

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