While the development of the Internet and access to the digital information highway is seen as a lifec-hanging achievement, access was only possible with the aid of some form of wired connection for many years. For the majority of the general public, this was a facility of which they first became aware following the development of hypertext markup language (HTML) by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 and of the first web browser by Marc Andreessen in 1993. While this was the start of a new era, the advent of wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi installers has proved to be even more transformative and business installations are bound to take your company to greater heights.

What began in 1969 as a US military-research network named Arpanet, has since grown to become a global phenomenon. Its facilities are shared by almost half of the people on the planet and provide them with a basket of services including communications, entertainment, access to information, electronic banking, online shopping, and more. However, many of the online facilities we take for granted today are available to users only through the efforts of Wi-Fi installers.

Wi-Fi Installers Offer Businesses Speed, Reliability, and Great Value

A huge download is not really feasible with the limited speed available via a dial-up connection any more than it would be possible to host a worldwide video-conference call between multiple users in this fashion. However, it is not just the wireless connections to modems and routers that have served to transform family and business life. Wireless networks have not only freed their users from the restrictions posed by cabling but have also enabled Wi-Fi installers to provide networking services at a cost that is significantly more affordable for their clients.

In the past, it could be argued that wireless connections were slower, less secure, and of a more limited range than when employing cables. However, steady advances in this technology have largely eliminated any previous disparities and seen it become the option of choice for a growing number of owners of both home and business networks. With the support of a team of skilled Wi-Fi installers, it is now possible to provide fast and secure network connectivity that extends to every nook and cranny within a multi-storey office block.

The team’s task begins by determining the precise needs of the client. This is followed by a thorough survey of the building to identify every device that is to be included in the network and any possible snags that may need to be overcome in order to achieve this. Often this will entail the installation of signal boosters to overcome the attenuating effect of walls and similar obstructions previously identified by the Wi-Fi installers.

The digital world is rapidly expanding. Not only is it accumulating thousands of additional users by the day but the catalogue of devices that can now be connected to the Internet has been growing in parallel. In the process, a new phrase has been added to our vocabulary – the Internet of things (IoT). Those things include everything from domestic refrigerators, washing machines, and home-automation systems to industrial robots, point-of-sale systems, and autonomous vehicles. Wi-Fi installers have already changed our world dramatically and hold the promise of even greater things to come.