Never before has reliable, fast Wi-Fi been this important. Since the working environment changed drastically this year, more and more of us find ourselves working from home. This shift towards remote working has posed a number of opportunities as well as challenges and has brought to light a number of shortcomings of the environment outside the traditional workplace. One of the most glaring requirements would be the need for a reliable, fast Internet connection.

This need is probably most evident every single time we take part in a Zoom meeting or similar type of video conference call. We’ve all seen people struggling to keep up with a meeting, not being able to see the others, or not being able to hear or contribute freely due to a bad connection. And we’ve all secretly hoped that the same thing wouldn’t happen on our end of the connection – until it does. The truth is, you don’t simply require a relatively fast Wi-Fi connection that has so far been sufficient to stream your favourite TV show. For successful and efficient remote working that won’t leave you frustrated, you need a business-grade connection.

Getting a Cutting-Edge Wireless Installation

CCI Technology Solutions can help you get the blazing fast connection you need – and Wi-Fi coverage where you need it – for top-quality video calls and a more professional working experience. Plus, you’ll get the network security you need for complete peace of mind.

The business-grade network you need to manage your business remotely will be made possible via an Aruba Instant On access point. This provides enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance, but with great ease of use and an affordable price. With an Aruba Instant On access point, you will enjoy:

  1. Fast connectivity: This is the holy grail of great connections – consistent, fast connectivity that enables you to experience smooth, high-quality video calls without the usual, frustrating hiccups and interruptions.
  2. Better wireless coverage: There’s also no need to sit in one chair all day long to maintain your connection. Enjoy excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire house, allowing you to move around as and when you please without interruption.
  3. The ability to prioritise certain apps: Enjoy better video conferencing calls by prioritising the apps you use for this purpose, like Zoom and Skype. This will ensure that your video calls run smoothly, even when fluctuations in the network may occur.
  4. Secure network access: Home Wi-Fi networks are typically less secure than corporate ones. This might lead to security concerns related to working from home. Aruba Instant On provides improved network security to protect your business data.

Why CCI Technology Solutions?

CCI Technology Solutions has extensive experience as an IT solutions provider. In fact, we’ve been assisting businesses large and small with their IT needs, including providing cabling infrastructure, wireless networks (and, of course, fast Wi-Fi), and power solutions. Since kicking off way back in 1986, CCI Technology Solutions has successfully established itself as an industry expert, providing the cornerstone of modern organisations’ communications platforms. Some of our most well-known clients include industry giants such as The Foschini Group (TFG), Pep, Old Mutual, Distell, and KWV. And we can do the same for you.

Connect To a New Way of Living

So, while we’re all adapting to a new way of living and working, why not take the leap and ditch the 9-hours-at-the-office lifestyle? Get a business-grade, blazing-fast, secure Wi-Fi network at home and connect to the world as you work remotely on your own terms. Get in touch with the team at CCI Technology to discuss how you can get a cutting edge Aruba Instant On access point installed at your home.