It’s Time to Consider Upgrading Your Network Cabling

“If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” It’s a popular saying, but does it hold water (especially where your business is concerned)? When it comes to technology, it can definitely be argued that it is beneficial to upgrade to newer and more advanced equipment. However, this can be a costly affair, especially in the face of cheaper alternatives. Even if you decide to face the brunt of the initial upgrade costs attached to upgrading and enhancing equipment and infrastructure you already possess, there are still many benefits to be enjoyed. This article will focus on the reason why you and your business should upgrade the technology you use, even if it is something as simple as a network cabling improvement.

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Why You Should Upgrade All Your Technology (Network Cabling Included)

As technology changes with time, so does the way we use it. You could compare a phone designed and manufactured in 2022 to a phone that was designed and manufactured in 2000 and they would almost seem like completely different devices. On the one hand, you can still do things like make calls and send basic text messages on both devices, but you would have some difficulty getting the 2000 model to do something as basic as connect to the Internet or take a photo. This is merely an example of how technology changes (and how the way we use it changes), but it is also a good example of why we need to upgrade equipment to current standards. The benefits of upgrading are expanded upon in the list below.

  • Better security and improved functioning. Older technology is more vulnerable to security threats, both physical and digital. The longer a certain aspect of technology exists, the longer people have time to study it and discover exploits. In terms of software, an upgrade can patch any existing vulnerabilities (while buying time until the next batch of vulnerabilities are discovered). Upgrading something like network cabling may include protecting it from physical tampering and interference, while also improving performance.
  • Enhanced features. Newer technology, by definition, has access to more features. This is not limited to the number of things you can do with new tech that you could not do with old tech, but also encompasses improved usability. User experience is often a key focus of any enhancement.
  • Improved competitiveness. By updating your networks and network cabling to their latest iterations, you will be able to stay competitive in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. You need to either adapt to this change or throw in the towel.
  • Better cost efficiency. The longer something exists, the more adept we become at making it. This means that technology generally gets cheaper as it gets more advanced.

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Network Cabling Is Still Relevant (Even In 2022)

We are not yet in the version of the future where everything is wireless and within our reach at the touch of a button. Much of the technology we used is forgoing wires altogether (like certain phone brands opting not to include a charger with their base phone sets and, perhaps more than coincidentally, those same companies also releasing completely wireless versions of existing technology, such as earphones). That is not to say that network cabling and wired technology are dead. There is much potential in the South African market for these technologies.

Network cabling will remain a relevant part of the technological scene for many years to come. You can choose to upgrade your existing system to accommodate or account for new trends, or you can opt to stagnate and lose even more relevance the further you move into the next decade. Whatever your decision is, CCI Technology Solutions is here to help you.

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