In business today, performance is everything. With so much talent available, and a host of competitors providing the same products or services as you do, the smooth functioning of your operations could make all the difference in determining who comes out on top in the marketplace. A key aspect of the performance of the modern-day business is the quality of its network design. Most companies rely on this technology to a certain extent as a failure to provide sustainable connectivity can lead to significant losses. This is why all businesses should consider the wireless network solutions provided by HPE Aruba, available in South Africa through CCI Technology Solutions.

Why Go Wireless With Your Network?

While still serving a great purpose in many situations, traditional wired networks also come with a significant number of limitations and setbacks. As an evolution of network technology, wireless communication has radically changed the landscape of data networking. The very nature of wireless technology has largely managed to eliminate a host of legacy problems related to traditional networks, including issues associated with speed and security of these networks. Furthermore, installation of wireless networks also requires only a fraction of the time needed for traditional cable installation, ensuring that your business is up and running in no time.

Why Choose HPE Aruba?

Aruba Networks, are a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and has been a global leader in cutting-edge networking solutions for a number of years. Here are some features that highlight why they are so popular:

1. HPE Aruba is Mobile-Oriented

Where most other network vendors offer Wi-Fi capabilities, these are usually “bolt-on” features added to their established product offering. HPE Aruba, on the other hand, designs each component to improve the performance of mobile devices. This also leads to improved performance for the price, compared to competitors.

2. It Delivers Powerful, Enterprise-Class Performance

You get superfast wireless connectivity, combined with a full range of networking configuration to ensure that the service suits your infrastructure. What’s more, this solution is not only suited to large organisations but also provides a cost-effective solution for teams less than 100.

3. Its Security Features Are Automated

A large number of Wi-Fi connected mobile devices can potentially lead to increased exposure to attacks. This system provides enhanced security by automatically profiling each device connected to the network and applying pre-defined security configurations.

4. Mobile Device Enrolment Is Simpler

While competitors waste valuable time in enrolling devices, HPE Aruba features a ClearPass system that significantly reduces administrative overheads.

5. The Network Management Is Streamlined

When treated as an add-on feature, the organic growth of Wi-Fi networks often pose challenges along the line. This system, however, treats connectivity as a core function and thereby simplifies the management of the platform.

6. No More Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Control

Signing up to competitors often requires a long-term commitment, as customers are dependent on parts and accessories from the OEM. HPE Aruba, on the other hand, allows you to use the equipment and features you want.

7. It is Competitively Priced

The flexibility and superior performance of this system ensure greater affordability and cost-efficiency compared to leading competitors.

Approach Us for the Installation of Your HPE Aruba Wireless Network

CCI Technology Solutions provides clients with a convenient and reliable one-stop solution, which has made us one of the most sought-after network installation service providers in South Africa. Talk to us about your unique requirements to find out if HPE Aruba has the network solution that is right for you, and to request a quote. We offer a range of IT solutions and will help you to seamlessly integrate the applications you require.