You can’t grow crops without first buying the seeds, preparing the land, and acquiring all the necessary tools and equipment. Businesses are the same – you need to establish a firm foundation and construct a thorough, viable business plan. It’s possible to purchase the farm or business from someone else, but that doesn’t mean it was created out of thin air – the previous business or landowner (or possibly the people before them) started at square one, which is the basic acquisition of tools and the accumulation of resources.

As we are approaching the third decade of the 21st Century, the tools and resources required to run a contemporary business are changing. The basic concept of what constitutes a business is still the same as it was several decades ago (one or more individuals exchanging goods and services for either money or other goods and services), but the methodology is changing. Data center solutions represent an emerging arena of technological innovation that sits at the heart of progress, namely the collection, processing, and use of vast amounts of data. This is known as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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How Our Data Center Solutions Empower Business Owners

Empowerment is a continuous process. A caveman that discovers fire is not empowered – only when he learns how to use it and how to make it again will he truly be empowered. The same goes for businesses that decide to procure data center solutions from us. It’s not enough to simply have it – you need to use it. That being said, we do not see our customers as cavemen learning to use fire for the first time. Rather, we see ourselves as facilitators of empowerment and our clients as business owners who are empowering themselves with technology.

There are three primary ways in which business owners are empowered by the data center solutions offered by CCI Technology Solutions. When you consider acquiring one of our data center solutions for your business, or if you have any doubts as to your capacity to effectively utilise them to build up your business, consider the following factors:

  1. Scalability. Our products can be scaled to almost any business size, giving both large and small businesses the opportunity to upgrade their data collection and processing capabilities. This also allows us to manage budgetary concerns by giving businesses the opportunity to select the solution that best fits their budget and requirements.
  2. Security. Both physical and digital security are immensely important. We install extensive security measures in both instances to ensure that there aren’t any expensive mishaps or loss of functionality, which can cut into the bottom line of a business.
  3. Accessibility. Technology should be easy to use. What use is a piece of expensive equipment if nobody can use it? The iCE365 Visual Control Centre puts you in control.

Have You Caught Up To The 4th Industrial Revolution Yet?

The 3rd Industrial Revolution was not that long ago. It had its roots in the invention of the transistor, which in turn led to the invention of the computer, which then led to the creation of the internet, which finally allowed businesses to go digital. This entire process lasted a few decades, but it tapered off in the early 2000s. The idea of progress is that we move forward (i.e., progressing from Point A to Point B), not to cling to the past and stagnate.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the next natural step in technological development. At the heart of it is data collection and processing, which is used in most modern technology on an unprecedented scale. Our data center solutions allow businesses to build and use the infrastructure to take advantage of this trend and to save themselves from stagnation.

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