The world is constantly changing. Sometimes a lot of change can happen in a very short period of time – just compare the years 2019 and 2021. Change can be good or bad, but it’s one of the few constants in life, like taxes! In an ever-changing world, it is important to equip your business with the tools it needs to survive change. As a result, data centers are becoming an increasingly popular method employed by businesses to keep up with dynamic markets.

Data centers are mainly used to store and process data. The concept is simple enough, but it is important to note that data centers allow data processing on levels not normally possible or feasible with normal computers. The data itself is priceless – no business can claim that it doesn’t use data, and the data it does collect, process, and use is invaluable to the functioning of the business.

Data Centers

How Do Data Centers Work?

Data centers have two main components – physical and digital infrastructure. These two components can be categorised further according to their use: storage (how much data can be stored), networking (how integrated the data center is with the rest of the business), security (how safe the data is from theft or destruction), and processing (the amount of data that can be processed in any given moment). These components are (or should be) an indivisible sum – the more data needs to be processed, the more storage it needs for archiving and the more security it needs from physical or digital threats. Since a data center cannot be completely isolated, its functionality can also be measured through its network capabilities.

CCI Technology Solutions can build, manage, and maintain data centers, whether it’s on-premises or off-site. The physical infrastructure we utilise includes everything you could possibly need – specialised network racks, power supply (including generators and UPSs for when the power goes out), fire suppression systems, access control, environmental monitoring, air conditioning, raised flooring, organised wireways, and specialised reports and dashboards. If you are keen on monitoring / keeping an eye on your data center, you can do so with the ground-breaking iCE365 Visual Control Centre, which puts you in control of powerful digital tools such as 3D location rendering, power monitoring and management, camera security, change management, and complex simulation and modelling.

Data Is Your Biggest Asset

In a world where change is constant, information is exceptionally valuable, whether you use it to improve your products, keep an eye on competitors, or even when you need aggregated metrics for marketing. Data can and should be seen as digital diamonds that you need to mine, store, and protect. It is every business’s biggest asset. Data is a precious commodity that can be collected, stored, and exchanged.

Even when you strip away every molecule of paint and every splinter of wood, a business can still survive if its data is intact. That is why it is important to ensure that your data is secure from both physical and non-physical threats (a service that we automatically integrate into every center we build). The data isn’t simply a rainy-day fund either – it can be accessed anytime, anywhere (but only by people with the right security clearance), like withdrawing funds from a highly secure vault.

Taking the above into account, data centers give businesses a competitive edge over businesses that opt to go without such technology. Even small businesses can benefit – our product and service suite is completely scalable! When your business takes its next big step, will it be a step in the right direction?

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