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What does progress look like to you? The basic definition would be to move from Point A to Point B (thus progressing from one area to a more desirable one), but the practical application of that definition would differ from person to person. If you ask one person what progress means to them, they will tell you it’s about adopting data centre solutions to improve certain aspects of a business, while another person might tell you that progress is a social concept and that it could mean the development of society on a human level – helping to improve the lives of people who were specifically and intrinsically disadvantaged previously, which would in turn contribute to the overall progress experienced by society. At their core, all of these examples are the same and take into consideration the basic maxim that humanity needs to move forward.

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How Our Data Centre Solutions Can Help Your Company Move Forward

For the average business, progress is a tangible, practical concept that deals with the evolution of the business. That is what this article is about. By choosing CCI Technology solutions for all your data centre solutions and network cabling needs, you can help your business make progress in every sense of the word.

One of the more astonishing aspects of contemporary society is how valuable data has become. It is one of the most valuable assets a business can own, but that business will first need to adapt to the current digital climate. In other words, the business will have to progress. One of the ways to capitalise on the widespread usage and value of data is through the kind of data centre solutions offered by us. This kind of technology will help your company evolve by updating and adapting its data processing and harnessing capabilities.


CCI Is More Than Just a Data Centre Solutions Company

Many companies claim that they represent the future. They’ll tell you how advanced their products and services are and how far ahead of the competition they are. It’s mostly just empty talk. There is more to the future than advanced technology and new ways to connect with each other and the Internet. There are also the social and economic aspects to consider. Is what we are building today going to contribute to a better future tomorrow, or will it simply lead to further stagnation? For a company to progress, they need to look beyond the products and services they offer. They need to look at the staff they employ, and they need to consider how the opportunities they offer play a role in someone’s future far beyond the initial term of employment.

In South Africa, there are many ways in which a company can help contribute to the development of the country as a whole. One of the more prominent ones is through a B-BBEE employment programme. Such initiatives aim to empower previously disadvantaged individuals to help them grow and to give them the advantage they need to build their own paths and to contribute to the development of the country and the economy in the process. CCI Technology Solutions is proud to be a company with an active and successful B-BBEE programme. Since our inception, we have made consistent progress with our B-BBEE hiring scheme and we have committed ourselves to the improvement of rural communities through learnership programmes.

By choosing CCI Technology Solutions, you are choosing a company that can help your business progress in more ways than one. While our core business model revolves around data centre solutions and network cabling, we are also in the business of bringing companies into the 21st Century. By doing business with us, you are not just helping yourself and your business, but also the community at large.

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