CCI Technology Solutions is Registered with the Electrical Contractors Association

All electrical contractors worth their salt are registered with the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa. That includes everyone, from electricians who only operate within a small community, to national companies like CCI Technology Solutions that do complex installations of large-scale projects. As a company that employs electrical contractors for a significant portion of our business, it is our responsibility to join such an association for both the benefit of our employees and our customers. In the article below, we explain what the Electrical Contractors Association is and why it is of vital importance to be registered.

What is the Electrical Contractors Association?

The Electrical Contractors Association is a collective that represents the interests of its members. The benefits of registration include extensive training and substantial advisory services, which trickle down to the customers themselves (which we address later in the article). Training courses include workplace safety, compliance (with refresher courses available), and basic installation courses for a variety of systems.

The ECA currently has over 4000 members, which represents a staggering 75% of people working in the electrical contracting industry. The organisation itself is registered with the Labour Relations Act and has been in service to its members since 1948.

The Electrical Contractors Association represents its members at various levels of government and with several industry giants. It is not a union in the traditional sense, but it does actively represent members at the industry-specific National Bargaining Council and the Board of Trustees of the industry’s Pension and Provident Funds. It works hard to voice the concerns of its members at higher levels and to communicate any new legislative developments to its members.

Why We Are Registered

As with any other kind of accreditation or professional registration, it is important to understand why we are registered and that such an association is important not only to our business but also to our clients. Our ECA membership allows us to stay current with all the latest industry developments and to apply new techniques to the work we do to always ensure optimal service delivery.

The sheer amount of training and assistance offered by the ECA makes any member more than ready to perform any installation with confidence. Customers are directly able to take advantage of the safety and efficiency of installations done by ECA-registered installers, as there is a guarantee that the work is up to standard.

As a sign of confidence in its members, the ECA even offers a Workmanship Guarantee Scheme that not only serves as a badge of honour for all members but also allows customers to claim for questionable workmanship or installations that were not compliant with industry standards. That’s not to say you can simply lodge a claim for being unhappy with someone’s work – the work needs to have been completed, the worker and ECA member should have been paid, and a Certificate of Compliance should have been issued.

CCI Technology Solutions is a proud member of the ECA. It stands as a testament to the quality of our work and the level of service we are qualified to offer. Our power solutions include uninterrupted power supplies for major businesses, generators with AMF panels, and power reticulation and infrastructure. While we are widely known for our technology installations, we are also dedicated to keeping that technology running, even in the face of constant power outages and power supply disruptions.

If you are seeking a range of bespoke power solutions and want professional installation done the right way, it pays to hire an ECA-registered professional. Contact us if you want to know more.

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