Modern business is so networked at both the micro and macro levels that it’s hard now to remember how it was ever any other way, a fact well known by Networking Specialists. Very often, however, networking is still bandied about in conversation as though it might apply equally well to social networking or cabling installations, and that’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because, for all of modern business’ reliance on networked solutions that ease workflows and enable the standard of commercial conduct we all recognise as good and proper; networking is still seen by too many as an afterthought.

No doubt very much as landscapers grimace when told that Grandma is rather going to do the garden (by taking slips of the pot plants on her balcony!), so too do professional networking specialists endure illogical banter about how simple network cabling is, how easy it would be to DIY it, or even how inflated their cabling estimates might be. To once and for all eliminate the confusion around network cabling, first let it be known that such comments always emanate from people who don’t know their tech. In fact, that’s a great point of departure, as outlined in the first point below.

Networking Specialists

Networking Specialists Exist Because…

Here are a few reasons why the specialists are here to stay:

  • Tech as a reality: It’s hard to remember its origins for anyone under 50, but tech is, well, tech, and it’s not like electrical wiring or house plumbing, no matter the similarities at times between schematics and cabling designs. That’s just a product of both electrical and networking cables having to follow available walls and working humans, as does plumbing, but network cabling is not any of those things. What it is, is the silent component that brings all of tech’s glory into the realm of possibility–it has its own demands and detailed realities. The tech arena has evolved its own support and contracting protocols, and for very good reasons. We’ve all watched someone “who’s good with computers” fiddle with our laptop only to hit the ceiling a few minutes later, leaving our issues unresolved. That’s because “fiddling” with things is different from actually studying best practice and learning the skills.
  • Enables optimum performance: It seems there is still a camp of deniers alive and well in modern commerce, those who make light of networking quality and extent, but it’s guaranteed that those are the same people who have never taken the time to investigate the difference between good and bad cabling. Talk to anyone who has skimped on an installation and suffered months or years of infuriatingly dismal connectivity and overall office performance, and you’ll find the greatest proponents of using the specialists to make any installation perform at its best.
  • You get quality: Employing the specialists is akin to putting Pirelli racing tyres on your sports car –in short, a great idea! When you pay for space, the equipment in it, the people, and the licenses and assorted services hosted by others, why drop all of the value by relegating network cabling to a league of lesser concerns? Indeed, cabling for successful networking is the most important consideration if you’re hoping for the tech you’re employing to perform at its best. Get what you’re paying for –let the specialists lay your cables and bring it all together.
  • Lastly, networking specialists are, on average, the coolest, most handsome and athletic humans on the planet. OK, we’re kidding, but we are responsive, competent, professional in approach, and swift around your installation and those attributes count for more than all the gorgeous you can stuff in a sack when real issues matter.

CCI Technology Solutions Offers the Service You Deserve

CCI Technology Solutions is a collective of smart, skilled networking specialists, and we’ll give you the best performance possible from any installation, big or small. When performance counts, call on us for an affordable and friendly experience that will ensure you’re flying at the very highest level. Don’t just work smart, network smart too.