In an age of fierce technological advancement and competition, is there any doubt about the need for supreme business fitness? When there is global consensus around the fact that we simply don’t know what the future will be like, no company of any nature can afford to be blindsided. A non-negotiable for future-proofing your business is smart technologies, and smart data centre solutions are the core of that necessity. Whether network room or data centre, if it’s smart housing for digital intelligence, it’s important that it be built correctly.

Even when also in the cloud, a great many businesses will employ a data centre for daily office traffic and cloud comms. This hybrid solution gives the best of both worlds, with your data on your premises to whatever extent you’d like to vault it yourself, while you can still glean cloud storage and collaboration. There are many, however, who are compelled to develop proprietary data centre solutions, rather than lean too heavily on the commercial cloud, for any number of reasons. The one thing we can know about the imminent future, is that the quality of data centre solutions will be of even more commercial impact going forward.

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Building a Space That Needs to Perform

To whatever extent the future is a tech or tech-stroke-digital one, is the extent to which your data centre becomes a key component in your preparedness to meet it. In the new millennium, there’s no reason to be lagging, however, as supremely smart equipment and software are available today to make a processing hub very bespoke and highly effective. If the future prospect of technologies or modes of business we can’t yet understand makes you nervous, console yourself with the fact that if you’ve built the best today, the future will be a lot easier. Hi-tech is always great, but it’s never as important to polish than when in a data centre setup.

Great data centre solutions of course start with the fundamentals. There are South African companies building globally recognised data hubs, replete with racking, cabling, and all the backup power you need, and CCI Technology Solutions is right up at the top. At CCI Technology Solutions, we provide the know-how to build it correctly the first time around, with no missing bits. That might not sound like such a big deal, but it was for everyone who had to do theirs over just to get the effects and security they wanted in the first place. Data centres all have their own unique requirements, but anything professionally built will repay your fastidiousness with years upon years of silent service.

CCI Technology Solutions is All About Cutting-Edge Technology

We’re suppliers of specialised network racks for any setup, and our power solutions range from cutting-edge UPS systems all the way through to hi-tech generators. Raised floors, fire control, and complete access resolution are in our toolbox too, and enabled air-conditioning and environmental monitoring support our expertise in wireways and all infrastructure. We’re the real McCoy when it comes to data centre solutions, from the ground up, and we give our clients our years of expertise and pleasant professionalism in the bargain.

For the smartest data centre solutions, call on CCI Technology Solutions. If it’s a small little nook or a giant network room, there lies your precious data, and it deserves appropriate housing in the right setup. We build it, you enjoy it. With full reporting and dashboard tools, you can face the future confidently, knowing that you’re on top of your IT. That would put you in the top percentage of SA companies who have been wise enough to spend where it matters. Call on us, and we’ll get you there too.

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