There are some alarming statistics around commercial downtime that we already know, and the sheer frustration and financial cost of downtime have only been exacerbated by lockdown where so many more people are working remotely. The mother ship’s network cabling has become an even more essential component of current business, and no company hoping to step confidently into the IoT, as another big current consideration, can afford lousy cabling.

Network Cabling

Network cabling as a business input has become sleek and smart, or rather should be, and just as a solid base is essential for moving forward in so many human endeavours, so too has the quality of network cabling become a crucial component of the base for businesses that hope to grow successfully into our near future. Downtime costs, and the future will be cruel to those who don’t have their house in order. Because of this, network cabling as a local industry has developed a very stringent set of best practices, without which you’re paying for something you’re not getting.

The Advantages of Professional Network Cabling for Business

As the very foundation of super-functional IT networks, network cabling is the unseen component that fetches and ferries data to enable the working day. The quality of a network cabling installation is crucial, as unstructured and ad hoc cabling can actually provide regular, debilitating downtime and associated costs. Smart companies make sure they find themselves on the other side of that train wreck and enjoy certain advantages for their diligence too.

Owning and running a business isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it and no one would ever seek employment. Business is challenging and frequently complex. Smart, professional network cabling presents as elegant simplicity – it eliminates the potential for downtime and costs (to not even mention the subpar, overall daily performance that poorly wired premises give), and keeps this essential tech component simple and predictable. Not only does well-designed, correct network cabling eliminate the worry around yet another aspect of business, but it also allows you to scale effortlessly when needed. No headaches and an easy flight upwards. It’s not hard to see why smart companies spend their money where it counts.

Evaluating the Details of Great Network Cabling

Everyone has technical issues, and those that don’t are either fibbing or aliens from another planet – and possibly both! The point is, when there are glitches in a professional network cabling installation, fault-finding is a cinch, and that means low maintenance bills and a quick return to business as usual. Moreover, you’re compliant in the extreme with superior network cabling – no tangled messes, higher safety, happier workplaces. Smart network cabling eliminates hazards, unlike poor installations that pretty much build them in!

There’s another huge benefit in having your network cabling professionally installed, and it’s something we’ve all experienced. Tech changes. Remember when BlackBerry ruled the world? It’s hard to remember now, isn’t it, but the one thing that has remained essential in all of the rises and falls of various instruments, protocols, and associated tech is network cabling. The quality of both manufacturing and design has evolved apace with the tech era overall, but network cabling’s essential function remains crucial to this day. Any future-ready company will insist on immaculate cabling because, while we don’t know what machinery, instruments, or apps are coming down the line to revolutionise business in the near future, we do know we can wire them right up if our network cabling is in order.

Choose CCI Technology Solutions to Render You Future-Proof

Now, right now, there’s a line being drawn between companies that will be around in 50 years or so, and those who are already slipping off the best practice wagon. Network cabling may seem an elementary and even insignificant thing, yet it can have a massive impact on business fitness and, in this moment, that could make the difference between future success or slow failure. The speed, efficiency and quality of any company’s response – especially when responding to their customers – is going to be a big contributor to future-proofing its business. No one should be allowing something as elementary as cabling to be holding them back.

Call on CCI Technology Solutions for the best in network cabling. We’re total geeks and proud of it. More than that, we are the professionals who will ensure that you are ready for whatever the future holds. Call us, mail us, or send a carrier pigeon, but make sure you have us on your side. It will be our pleasure to give the best of cabling available in Gauteng.

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