The Rising Value of Data Cabling Consultants


It would be fair and appropriate to acknowledge Wi-Fi as a stunning recent development. And it is recent – Wi-Fi only entered mainstream application circa 1997, just under 24 years ago, which is quite remarkable when you consider just how utterly essential billions of people find connectivity on a daily basis. Wi-Fi allows users to talk, mail, and stream, as long as they are within reach of a connection point, which has boosted personal and professional mobility to no end.

With that being said, you might imagine the title of “Data Cabling Consultant” would have gone the way of the posted letter, the typewriter, and the dodo, but that would be a mistake. Wired ethernet is still unambiguously outperforming wireless connectivity. Although Wi-Fi is on its own trajectory towards enhanced speed and power, cable provides both, immediately, in the here and now. Besides computing, many other office installations (lighting, sensors, security, and phone systems) rely on cable for full functionality.

You might presume that there are cost benefits to wireless connectivity, except that all plug and play devices run on electricity. Whereas with cable one can simply drop a single length of network cable that provides both power and connectivity, depending on the extent and layout of your office, you might need to install power points for Wi-Fi hardware. It might seem negligible, but having an electrician wire the average premises up to enable plug and play Wi-Fi, typically costs more than simply laying network cabling where you want it.


Let’s List the Benefits of Network Cabling versus Wireless LANs

  • And let’s start with the most common concern that has often led usually normal people to consider murder: signal quality. It’s common knowledge that there is often a lot of interference on a wireless network. It’s also no overstatement to say that as billions more cells are added to the body of digital life by the IoT, it’s a real possibility that the signal on wireless will get worse before it gets better. Assuming you’ve had a data cabling consultant correctly specify and implement the installation design, you’ll find that wired ethernet is a whole lot less susceptible to interference. It helps to look at the fringe end of things to find the truth. Ask the average competitive gamer whether they’re prepared to play on Wi-Fi, and they’ll reject it out of hand. That tells the whole story of where the two options of wired and wireless are in 2021.
  • The installation’s data speed is the next consideration, and here again as any reputable data cabling consultant can tell you, not only is cable the fastest data solution around, but it’s also getting faster. Wi-Fi is speeding up too, but the difference is marked and set to remain for the foreseeable future.
  • Flexibility is the final major benefit of a cable installation, both in terms of the network’s adaptability and its ability to expand as needs change. That might not sound like such a big thing, but again any busy data cabling consultant will tell you, cable installation can expand and diversify without loss of quality or functionality – and that’s a real biggie. Expansion is indicative of success, and no one wants their optimism spoiled by expanding infrastructure that seems to drag you back down to poor performance.


Get the Best from CCI Technology Solutions

For prompt service, professional behaviour, and truly exceptional results, CCI Technology Solutions stands out for local business as a preferred data cabling consultant. More than just our opinion, cabling and connectivity is a cost thing, and companies choose us because we’re the most cost-effective route to the best results. That we exude great customer service and have a track record of responsive and caring professionalism certainly helps too!

Call on us for any and all connectivity needs – we are here to map it out, cost it carefully, and install with a professional touch that makes all the difference!

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