Technology has transformed the way we work and do business. However, this year alone has seen many changes to our way of working. The global pandemic and resultant lockdown and restrictions of movement have caused a mini-revolution in the way we think about work – and specifically about when and where we work. Suddenly, the idea of remote working has gone from a nice-to-have approach for a select number of industries to a necessity and reality for a large percentage of working people. The sudden and unexpected nature of this change has also highlighted the shortcomings of working from home. As leading Wi-Fi specialists, CCI Technology Solutions is poised to help you achieve the performance-driven connectivity you need.

While CCI Technology is one of the leading Wi-Fi specialists trusted by many large corporations nationwide, we also offer scalable connectivity solutions that are suited to facilitating rote working for office workers. These offer the same high-level performance and security required from corporate network solutions.

Our Status as the Preferred Wi-Fi Specialists Stems From a Number of Factors:

Your Needs Come First

We are solution-driven and focussed first and foremost on the needs of our clients and finding the ideal setup that meets each client’s unique requirements.

Industry-Leading Specialists

The world of technology can change at the speed of light. New technologies and solutions become available on a regular basis, and falling behind can mean a loss of your competitive edge in the business environment. In addition to ensuring that we offer leading products and solutions, we also invest in employing experienced and highly skilled technicians and Wi-Fi specialists who are equipped and receptive to the rapidly evolving technologies endemic to the IT industry to ensure that they are always able to supply the latest and best network solutions that suit your needs.

World-Class Products and Network Solutions

We all love having fast Wi-Fi connectivity at home that allows us to seamlessly stream our favourite shows and music. However, when it comes to connectivity for business purposes, the Wi-Fi needs and requirements change drastically.

To meet these demands, we offer industry-leading Aruba wireless solutions. It allows you to effortlessly run your business from home by giving you access to blazing-fast connections that enable quality video calls and WiFi coverage where you need it.

As experienced specialists in the industry, we also understand the very real threat of cyber-attacks and the accompanying need for reliable security. The sudden increase in remote working has left many traditional networks vulnerable to breaches, as they were unprepared for the additional burden of remote connectivity. A network breach can have devastating consequences to the reputation and performance of an organisation, including the loss of intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data, and more.

The Aruba Instant On network system is specifically designed to provide secure network access that meets the requirements of your business, without creating a hindrance or barrier to connectivity. The system provides enhanced security by automatically profiling each device connected to the network and applying pre-defined security configurations, making it easy for users to use it with peace of mind that their network is protected.

While the product is simple and very user-friendly, it offers cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of a demanding work environment. It’s also fast and reliable to help minimise your frustrations related to inconvenient interruptions to your work process. It also enables the prioritisation of selected apps, such as Zoom and Skype, to ensure that you can high-quality connections during your important meetings.

Improve Your Work Experience

Get in touch with our team of Wi-Fi specialists at CCI Technology Solutions to find out more about how we can help you transform your remote working experience.