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Everyone has their own motivations for making certain decisions when it comes to their business, but sometimes it helps to know that you can trust someone if you do business with them for the first time. CCI Technology Solutions is a company that believes in building trust by delivering on every promise we make and by producing products and services that are not just adequate but more than enough to help discerning businesses thrive in today’s world. One of our more popular services is the installation of CCTV cameras. While we are known for our network cabling and data centre solutions, we have also built a reputation as reliable installers of security cameras and similar devices. If you want to protect your home or office space with visual and digital security, we are the right company to approach.

Why You Should Employ CCTV Installers Instead of Doing It Yourself

It is a wonderful world we live in where we can do almost everything ourselves. You can watch an online video on how to build your own pool, or you can read step-by-step instructions on how to build a computer completely from scratch. It is tempting to attempt something as seemingly easy and simple as installing CCTV cameras or perhaps building a security system from the ground up with no prior knowledge or experience. The final result can be rewarding, but it can also be a massive (and costly) disappointment. This is an especially important point to consider with CCTV, as your house or company’s security is potentially on the line. This is why you should definitely make use of professional installers, and the points below will demonstrate why.

  • Security. We know what we are doing. You are not necessarily an expert in security, so you may not know the best placement for security cameras and their cables. We know how to test for and amend vulnerabilities to ensure that an installation is well worth its price. Your fancy new cameras will be all but useless if they face a wall during a robbery or if they can only capture a thief’s toes and part of their legs. For security reasons, professional installers are certainly the way to go.
  • Cost efficiency. If you want something done, then you should probably do it yourself; if you do not wish to waste a lot of time, money, and effort in the process, hire a professional. Installing your own cameras is definitely possible, but it is also possible that you do not have all the insight and experience possessed by a company such as CCI Technology Solutions to actually make the endeavor worthwhile.
  • Professional guarantee. The other side of utilising the professionals is that you are absolved from any responsibility if anything should go wrong (which, in our case, is very rare). If you aren’t satisfied with a professional’s work, you can ask them to redo it (especially in the case of installing a defective product). If you do something yourself and your venture goes wrong, you will have to hire a professional anyway to fix your mistake, which could balloon the costs of a project. For a reputable guarantee, go with our installers.


Isn’t It Expensive to Hire CCTV Installers?

We briefly discussed the potential costs of installing CCTV cameras in the previous section, but we will elaborate on that point a bit more here. There are two major factors to consider here, namely the cost involved in completing a project and the value gained in seeing that project completed. These two factors need to be weighed against each other before a decision is made. For example, the cost of hiring professional CCTV installers is outweighed by the value of a secure and functioning video monitoring system, while it could be far more costly to haphazardly attempt to do it yourself and end up wasting time and valuable money. You can skip all of that wasted effort by simply opting for professional CCTV installers.

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