It is the age of information. Everything around us is governed by data and information that is collected, processed, analysed, and fed back to us in different forms (unless you’re a hermit living in a cave on the world’s most remote island). Our world is full of technological marvels like watches that can both tell the time and stream movies, cars that can drive themselves, and smart houses that can be controlled with a few buttons. Information, in the form of data, is what binds all this technology together. We call it the “Internet of Things” (IoT). In a world of hyperconnectivity, one of the only ways to stay ahead of the current status quo is to invest in turnkey network solutions.

Where there is a constant flow of information, there needs to be sufficient infrastructure to support it. Some basic examples are fibre optic and copper cables, data centers, energy sources, and transportation infrastructure like roads and railways to facilitate the movement of physical goods. Poorer countries are catching up to their richer counterparts (albeit slowly) by developing their infrastructure through calculated applications of turnkey network solutions.

Turnkey Network Solutions

The Turnkey Network Solutions that Put CCI at the Forefront of Technological Development

CCI has been in the business for almost 35 years, giving us the experience to curate turnkey network solutions for any business that wants to enhance its digital and information processing capabilities. Below is a short list of our current turnkey network solutions and product offering:

  • Cabling solutions. This covers everything from data cable installations and physical telecommunications technology to fibre connections. The world is becoming increasingly wireless, but cabling infrastructure still forms a core component of technological development.
  • Wireless installations. Wireless networks have several advantages over physical cable networks, such as reduced space requirements, portability (if your company moves to a new location, you can keep your existing connectivity), less overall maintenance, and better cost-efficiency.
  • Data center installation and management. If cables and wireless networks are the nerves of our hyperconnected world, then data centers are our brains.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) implementation. CCI started out as a company that implemented LAN cabling and there is a good reason the technology is still around and still in use. Local area networks are secure, turnkey network solutions that allow companies to store and process data locally, often in conjunction with data centers. Since the data is stored and processed within the physical confines of the business itself, it allows for easier monitoring and control of the flow of information.
  • Electrical and power solutions. This includes backup generators and uninterrupted power supplies. Your fancy new technology purchases will mean nothing without electricity to power it. South Africa’s power grid is highly volatile and loadshedding is regularly implemented. Even when there is no loadshedding, there is still cable theft and poor infrastructure management to worry about, as they both lead to consistent power failures across the country. One way to mitigate the impact of unpredictable power failures on the operational functionality of a business is to ensure that the business can still operate when the entire neighbourhood is sitting in darkness.

The Age of Information

Before raw data can be used by a business, it first needs to be collected, processed and analysed. This cannot be done without the infrastructure to support the entire process. By using the suite of turnkey network solutions that can be acquired from CCI, businesses can empower themselves to survive in the age of information.

It’s not a question of whether or not your business needs to change with the times, but rather how your business will cope with the inevitable and unavoidable changes that occur in the course of modern societal development.

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