If You Think Data Centre Infrastructure Management Is Complicated, Think Again

The world of data and information is moving and expanding rapidly. Some businesses will get left behind in the dust as they fight against progress, while others will embrace the flow of information and thrive in the new digital economy. If you want your business to survive and thrive, you will not only need to acquire the right tools and build the right infrastructure, but you will also need to learn how to use them effectively to ensure success.

One of the best assets your business can acquire in an increasingly digital age is a data centre. Not only does it greatly expand the digital capabilities of your business, but it also allows you to take control of the flow of data and use it to enrich your business offering. Acquiring the infrastructure is as easy as contacting CCI Technology Solutions and arranging a consultation, but is it easy to manage once it is installed? The answer is yes! Data centre infrastructure management is not complicated at all. With software like the iCE365 Visual Control Centre, the management of your data centre’s infrastructure is as easy as watching a video or playing a game (although we do not recommend pressing random buttons repeatedly and shouting at the screen in frustration).

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

The iCE365 Visual Control Centre Explained

This control system makes data centre infrastructure management intuitive and uncomplicated. The software was specifically designed with the user in mind and allows you to remotely manage and monitor your data centre’s performance. Below is a short list of the features available on the iCE365.

  • Power monitoring: You can see exactly how much power your data centre uses, allowing you to plan for emergencies to ensure it is always running optimally. You’ll be able to monitor the exact input and output of power, including UPS (uninterrupted power supply) performance during a power outage.
  • Environment observation: This feature allows you to monitor the environmental conditions present in the infrastructure, such as temperature, humidity, and cooling.
  • Security: The software includes access to IP cameras so you can keep an eye on everyone who is accessing it physically. Nobody will be able to access the room without you knowing about it.
  • Asset management: With this feature, you can check on every asset and every piece of hardware installed as part of the infrastructure. If any of the physical systems fail, you’ll immediately know about it.
  • Real-time 3D rendering and simulation: It’s not just numbers and charts – you can see a 3D render of the entire data centre, which can help you better understand all the other information the software provides. Seeing everything in a 3D space can help you better visualise physical expansion and optimise infrastructure management.
  • Capacity planning: As your business grows, so will its data processing needs. You can use this software to monitor and manage capacity, as well as plan for future expansion.
  • Change management: With all the monitoring and simulation capabilities of the software, you’ll be able to see if changes need to be made in any of the systems, but you will also be able to initiate most of those changes.

You Can Do It Yourself, But You Don’t Have To

Even though the software mentioned above makes it easy to manage everything, you could still opt out of managing it yourself. You could delegate the job to an employee, but you could also leave it in the capable hands of the people at CCI Technology Solutions. We use the same software to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

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