At first glance, you might believe that this question appears to be a bit facile. Surely the answer is self-explanatory and made obvious by the very wording of the question itself. Is the role not simply to supply and fit the cables necessary to create a working computer network? While that is certainly a part of the job, it doesn’t come close to describing the full extent of this task. In practice, the role of a network cabling service provider is better defined as to create a collaborative communications environment in which users are able to share data and resources rapidly, securely, and consistently, as required and authorised.

The aforementioned task must be undertaken amid an atmosphere of unique and constantly evolving customer needs, as well as a continuing stream of challenges posed by new products and emerging new technologies. As a result, keeping updated and gaining the necessary knowledge and practical experience of such new trends is also a crucial component of any reputable network cabling service provider. In essence, these specialists should devise innovative ways in which to fully satisfy the needs of the client and the end users.

Furthermore, when one is dealing with a competent professional, the job will not simply cease when the last cable is in place. The new installation will then need to be tested by the network cabling service provider to ensure it meets that client’s needs and conforms to all the related standards and certifications. This alone is a task that requires both specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field. When the testing is complete and the installation appears to be functioning to the client’s satisfaction, this should not signal an end to the installer’s responsibilities. The guarantee of reliable after-sales service and the ability to respond timeously and efficiently, whenever a client’s system may be in need of maintenance or repair is as important when selecting a network cabling service provider.

Because data is important, the installation should include all the measures necessary to ensure it is protected. This might involve the inclusion of backup and disaster recovery facilities and topology with adequate redundancy to avoid downtime due to minor component failures. A competent network cabling service provider may also assist with security precautions at the user level, such as arranging hierarchical, secure access to selected data.

How Can Such an Installation Help Your Business?

In the case of banks, finance companies, and dedicated data centres (where guaranteed performance is crucial), a remote monitoring service can be invaluable. Through its use, an experienced network cabling service provider will be able to ensure that power levels and environmental conditions remain optimal at all times while receiving advance warning of any potential problems that need to be addressed.

While there is a distinct surplus of experts who will be able to string together a few PCs and a printer, it can be harder to find a reputable networking specialist. Fortunately, in Gauteng and the Western Cape, the remedy is surprisingly simple. It just takes a call to CCI Technology Solutions. We’ll gladly assist you with all your networking needs and help with any business installation.