How crucial is cabling to the modern tech era? It’s often seen as one of those background things that just needs to get done so that all the exciting stuff can work, but that depiction is a bit limited in its understanding. It’s more valid to realise that none of that exciting stuff – the connectivity, the visuals, the sleek comms – would happen at all, if the computer network cabling company produced work that was either incomplete or substandard.

There are technical implications for poor cabling designs, and far from just the insignificant “addendum” to tech, savvy cabling design and installation is crucial to tech performing at its top end. Few things are worse for any organisation than having constant do-overs on cabling and wiring. It’s mind-numbing, and particularly frustrating for tenants in new premises. The importance of a good computer network cabling company really is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Reasons Behind the Need for an Expert Computer Network Cabling Company

Still not convinced? Not only will professional cabling allow for easy maintenance down the line, it will also factor in every possible input – from technical capabilities and performance, right down to the office ergonomics. In designing the correct layout for any given premises, other benefits for smart business come to the fore:

  • You’re future-proofing the company, and the premises, if you own them. Correct cabling specs, and precision laying, enable the bandwidth you expect to enjoy. By employing a pro computer network cabling company, there are no worries about things becoming outdated or obsolete, simply because the goods employed were either low grade, or didn’t anticipate future demands.
  • Costs are known, can be budgeted for, and can exclude a host of extraneous items that basically form the typical patch work after a lousy installation. A professional installation is by far the most cost-effective route to getting it done. A correctly set up office environment will always suffer from cabling fixes, where those fixes involve trampling all over – literally or figuratively – an office that has clean surfaces and great decor.
  • Flexibility for future business shifts is a direct result of savvy design. Moreover, should the organisation move, or a part thereof move to different premises, you’re working off a logical and smart design, which means no hiccups in parcelling-off or adding on. A well-designed cabling system is built for flexibility, something critical for driving performance and future growth.
  • Vastly reduced downtime has also moved from a nice-to-have to being more of an absolute must in modern business. In the fast-paced markets of today, “always on” is everyone’s expectation – it shouldn’t collapse because of a lousy cabling installation.
  • It might seem obvious, but every little tick in the system caused by subpar cabling pinches a minute or two here, an hour or two there. Modern office workers lose time from poor cabling, and failing tech. Those seemingly insignificant little moments add up to a whack of lost productivity every year. It even impacts employee churn – staff are as prone to viewing a technically poor company as less attractive as customers are, and more likely to move on towards companies that are technically sleek.

Not All Computer Network Cabling Companies are Created Equal

When it comes to pride in materials, workmanship, and overall final results, CCI Technology Solutions is streets ahead of the rest. We look at the cabling challenges of our clients with relish, as getting the best solution in play on any premises is where we find our sweet spot.

Whether you’re erecting new premises or refurbishing old premises, call on us for a cost-effective and professional end result. We have decades of experience and, most importantly, stand by all the materials we employ, our installation skill and neatness, and the great service we provide.