We are more than just “IT people”. We are a team of networking specialists that focuses on building and integrating data infrastructure and creating sustainable networking solutions. Over the 32 years we’ve been in business, we’ve painstakingly built up our reputation as a go-to company for communications installations and business networking. Our networking specialists may be veterans, but they are constantly adding new and innovative technologies to their repertoires, allowing them to service businesses of all sizes and provide solutions for every business requirement.

Our product and service suite has been carefully designed and is constantly being refined to cover every IT infrastructure requirement your business might have. From basic LAN and wireless network setup to the installation and management of full-fledged data centres. This is why some of South Africa’s most well-known brands (including Old Mutual, PEP, and KWV) trust us to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.

Networking Specialists

It’s Just Computers And Cables, Right?

Wrong. A network is so much more than that (and you would give our networking specialists a good laugh if you said that). While a basic network may consist of a couple of cables and two or more computers (a single computer or laptop cannot be a network by itself), there is a lot more to it. Think of a network as a kind of living entity – there are some cables and wires that transmit power and data (like arteries); the physical infrastructure to hold everything together (like skin and muscle); motherboards, hard drives, and RAM (like a brain); and a power supply to keep everything going (like a heart). Computer networks can be as simple or complex as you need them to be, but it’s important to choose the right individual or company to “operate” on your network.

You wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform complicated neurosurgery, even though he was trained as a medical professional. The main difference between your GP and a brain surgeon is that your GP may be a generalist (trained to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries, but nothing too complex), while a brain surgeon might be considered a specialist – someone who trained and studied for many years to be able to perform a singular task (and to do it well). Our networking specialists can thus be seen as the brain surgeons of the IT world – each of them has one or two fields in which they are highly specialised, making our team as a whole a superb choice for tackling your data infrastructure problems. Conversely, we also take great care of our “patients”.

Networking Specialists Know Your Network Is The Heart Of Your Business

As we mentioned previously, there is a lot more to it than just cables and computers. Your network is the heart of your business. If the network fails, your business becomes crippled and incapable of functioning. As our networking specialists might tell you, a healthy and well-functioning network requires consistent management and regular maintenance to keep it functioning at an optimal level. Luckily for your business, our networking specialists strongly believe in doing a job right the first time – a stronger foundation means a sturdier house, after all. We know how crucial uptime is and we can even install backup power supplies in case a certain well-known public utility company leaves your business in the dark (literally).

There is an old Afrikaans saying that says, “goedkoop is duurkoop”. This can roughly be translated to “buying cheaply is buying expensively”. It’s better to trust in our networking specialists to do their jobs correctly than cutting corners and hoping for the best. Your business is an investment and relies on the sum of its parts to function properly. Visit our contact page to get in touch.


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