Every once-in-a-while an event occurs that is so uncommon and unexpected that it completely shakes the foundations of modern civilisation. When such an event occurs, we are caught by surprise and have to re-evaluate our understanding of the world. This is known as a black swan event. The ominous name comes from the ancient Roman notion that some events are so rare and unlikely that they could be compared to the existence of black swans, which were not known at the time (we know today that a black variety of swans exists and is actually fairly common, but that is beside the point). This concept was developed into a theory pertaining to finance and made famous by a man called Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The COVID-19 pandemic can be considered a black swan event, as it caught the whole world by surprise and resulted in consequences that have changed the way we function as a society and will continue to affect us long after the actual pandemic has ended.

Server Room

Think about how your business functioned in 2019 and then compare that to its performance in the middle and near the end of 2020. If the difference isn’t that big (or noticeable at all), you were either very lucky or you were wise enough to future-proof your business before it could be tested under the strenuous conditions of extended lockdowns and worldwide panic. It is not enough for a company to have access to the latest technology (and all the associated bells and whistles) – such a company would need to know how to use that technology effectively to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer demands. How did your company handle the initial lockdowns, when employees were forced to work from home to keep the business afloat and customers had to find alternative ways to do business with you?

What Is A Server Room?

Before you can understand what a server room is and what it is used for, you must first understand what servers are and how they work. A server is a network of computers that facilitates advanced and high-volume computational processes. The server room is essentially just the physical housing for this network, although both it and the servers it contains can be scaled according to the needs of a business. A server room is not just a new toy for CEOs to brag about and tech enthusiasts to swoon over, but rather an increasingly essential survival tool for businesses that would like to survive another black swan event, whether it comes in the form of yet another pandemic, or whether it is another global stock market crash.

My Company Has Survived This Long Without A Server Room. Why Now?

A better question would be, “why not?”. Times are changing and so is the nature of business. It is an almost archaic notion that a business is just a brick-and-cement building with people in suits either typing furiously on their keyboards or shouting at each other in overcrowded boardrooms. Your business extends far beyond its walls and exists not only in the minds of consumers, but on their phones and computers, as well as the air around them. For your business to survive in a world where people can make millions just by posting silly videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, you need to move forward.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to take advantage of your newly installed server room. Leave the genius to us while you enjoy the benefits. CCI Technology Solutions will guide you through this new digital era and through the purchase and utility of your server room. We believe in technological progress, which is why we would not leave you behind to figure things out on your own.

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