If your organisation isn’t connected, it isn’t going anywhere. In the digital age we find ourselves in, connectivity is everything – from phone systems and data transfers to access to the Internet and communicating computer networks, the list goes on. Most modern-day businesses will cease to function if they lose connectivity. As such, the optimal performance of your IT network is a vital aspect of your enterprise. CCI Technology Solutions is here to help you find and manage the ideal, sustainable solution for your business.

As a leading supplier of IT network systems, we offer products and services across the board to help you create and manage a healthy and robust system environment. Our tailor-made IT network solutions focus on the following specialised services:

Data, Voice and Fibre Optic Cabling

Your company needs a well-designed structured cabling system to support its communication requirements – not only to guarantee current performance but also to meet your demands well into the future. With 32 years of experience in the industry, CCI Technology Solutions can provide you with top-quality consultation and design, structured cabling, turnkey infrastructure installation, maintenance, fault detection, and more to meet all your demands.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Installations

The world is going wireless and for very good reason. The evolution of this technology has transformed the data and telecommunications landscape. A wireless IT system often means lower cost of ownership and addresses many of the legacy issues related to connection speed and system security present in traditional networks. CCI Technology Solutions is fully geared to supply this fast-evolving technology and install it at a fraction of the time required for traditional networks.

Environmental Monitoring

Full-service IT solutions do not only consist of the supply and installation of the necessary hardware, but also the monitoring and maintenance of said infrastructure. This ensures the efficacy of the system and availability of data, while also allowing proactive planning and budgeting for expansions. We provide the necessary capability to do real-time monitoring and management, including environmental control, power monitoring and change management to ensure optimal performance at all times.

LAN Network Design and Integration

Our extensive experience in the industry has helped us to understand the required solutions from both a technical and a business perspective, which allows us to design a network infrastructure that is both scalable and cost-effective. Our IT solutions are based on internationally recognised standards and are easy to manage, flexible, and robust.

The Building of Data Centres and Network Rooms

These specialised areas that house and protect your valuable and strategic IT equipment and systems require very specific conditions and infrastructure to ensure optimal performance. We provide;

  • network racks,
  • generators and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions,
  • fire-suppression systems,
  • access-control systems,
  • air-conditioning systems,
  • raised flooring,
  • wireways and infrastructure,
  • environmental monitoring; and
  • reports and dashboards.

Sustainable Turnkey Electrical and Power Solutions

A reliable and stable power supply is a vital component of effective IT solutions. From backup generators to UPS units, we will keep you up and running. What’s more, we are a registered electrical contractor with both the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Contracting Board, which means you don’t have to engage two different contractors when optimising your IT network.

With over three decades worth of experience in the industry, you know you can trust CCI for all your IT service and installation needs. We provide a convenient and reliable one-stop solution to our clients. Talk to us today to find out how we can create a tailored solution to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations. We are present throughout all major cities in South Africa and ready to deliver IT solutions nationwide, wherever they are needed.